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ABOUT UCA company

It is a pleasure to introduce UCA, a company.

UCA ( has developed and owned the patent for specialized plastic material that was designed to replace widely used metallic sheets (aluminum or stainless) applied for the pipe infrastructure protection.

Why plastic, you may ask - and the reason has been multifold:

  • operating performance - the plastic never cracks (as opposed to metalic sheets prone to micro-cracks) and it has superior material memory. In other words, you can easily see people stepping on it or children playing on it - the material can withstand these factors. Metals cannot.

  • maintenance - with our plastic, maintenance goes to almost nothing, as there is nothing to do. The producer and our partner in the business, Roechlng ( provides 20 year warranty. The savings can be substantial.

  • temperature performance - the material can withstand freezing as well as heat exposure.

  • experience - we have been using the material for 5 years in the Czech Republic (you will see photos of some installations in the presentation attached to this e-mail) and that after another 5 years of testing and design. In other words, this is something that is proven rather than recently invented.

  • application - this material can be applied in many sectors. From energy, chemical, food all the way to even the medical applications.

We are obviously looking for a partner wishing to work with us to sell the material to those whose installations are substantial and where the benefits of material change can be measured quickly. In case you have any questions, please contact us.(


Tender pro ČEZ Teplárenská


Tender for ČEZ Teplárenská.

our material and technology will be used on whole order


Energetické fórum a Teplárenské dny 2018

Kongresové centrum Nové Adalbertinum, Hradec Králové

11. a 12. dubna 2018se uskuteční další, již 24. ročník,  mezinárodní odborné fórum a výstava Energetické fórum & Teplárenské dny. Akce je již od roku 1994 tradičním setkáním odborníků nejen z oblasti teplárenství, elektroenergetiky, energetického využití odpadů, ekologizace energetiky a průmyslu, ale i expertů na energetickou efektivitu, průmyslových i městských energetiků, jakož i poučených laiků a fanoušků tohoto oboru.


Röchling competence in plastics.


The Röchling Group, which is headquartered in Mannheim, includes a large number of locations in countries all over the world. 



pro naši práci používáme software solidworks.



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